Thirtysomething just searching for....falafel.

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A Little Bit About Me
"Happiness is not a state to arrive at but a manner of travelling."

As-salaam alaykum,

I agree with the woman who said “Work is a blessing: Family is better” and I am looking to find my ‘other half’ and raise a family with Islam as our way of life. Several years ago I took a leap of faith and decided to study Medicine . . . taking another leap of faith to pursue matters of the heart has proved to be a somewhat more meandrous path.

Soulful, empathetic and at heart a down-to-earth, sociable individual. Shy at times but I do have an inclination to speak my mind. That said for me it's important to practice gratitude and kindness above all else.

A little snapshot of me . . . I love running on an open road. Sunshine and strawberries. Trekking through the Peaks. Discovering a film that lifts my spirits. And sharing good food and conversation with family and friends. I wish I could play the piano. I enjoy poetry, particularly Spoken Word and have been known to pen a few lines here and there.

I think eccles cakes and tea make for a perfect afternoon. Tea is my weakness - I kind of need it on tap. I also have a thirst for knowledge and do long for more hours in the day to allow me to satiate this thirst or to discover something breath-taking, finish the knitting I’ve started, improve my knowledge of the Qu’ran, bake a loaf of chocolate covered banana bread, get to the end of one of the four books I’m reading . . .

Life has recently given me a new found appreciation for honesty, maps and avocadoes :)

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What I Am Looking For
In you, I am looking for someone who can effortlessly make me laugh. Someone once told me that I can’t expect my husband to tell me jokes all day but that’s okay because I already have a wonderful niece who tells me the best knock knock jokes and she’d be difficult to compete with!

Anyway back to you: kindness, a generous heart and the ability to stimulate my mind are qualities that are important to me. Islam as the foundation on which to build our lives together has to be a given.

I would really like to meet a gentleman who I can talk to about the things that make me smile, the things that I wish I could change, the things that stir a fire within my soul. I am a good listener as well and would hope that you’d want to share what’s on your mind too. Not really looking for the strong silent type.

A man to settle with, grow with, put down some roots and eventually extend our family with a munchkin or two (or three). Where we put down those roots is open to discussion but my family mean the world to me and I would need you to appreciate that, as I would likewise.

I do want someone with a passion for travelling and would definitely want us to explore all four ‘corners’ of the globe during our life together. And everywhere in between. Be it via planes, trains or automobiles. Oh, I also own a pair of hiking boots . . . .

And finally courtesy of my niece:

“There is a boat full of people but there is not a single person on the boat. How can that be?”

Everyone on the boat is a couple.

Insh’allah we will all find ourselves on that boat.

(Yes, I am this corny at the best of times).

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