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I'm registering to find myself a partner

A Little Bit About Me

Assalamalikum sisters, or any bros, checking out the competition lol.

uuuhhh ok deep breath of air before i start, man are those me smelly socks haha. Wait up , window needs opening.My future wifes gonna knock me

Hold up, someones banging my door,, what mum, whats that, youve left my clothes out side my door.
nice one, haha , im joking man, mums are great arent they.

Im a light hearted guy, who dont take things too seriously, i try and be a warm person, try my best everday, to help others and my self,like to have a laff and joke, so any sisters who dont know how to banter then dont think we would be suited.

Everyone says i got a cheeky smile,:-)

People are like chocolates, they may look different but they still make you feel good. lol I just thought of that today lol, meaning the personality is what counts..

I have a big smile, so i can brighten up a room, i can come in handy, you know with energy prices going through the roof

I dont hold grudges , i dont get upset over petty things , dont do family politics, correction dont do bengali politics, if someone needs help at 3am, im there man, i sleep later lol. ok maybe you gota ring me 5 times ,lol

I am a shy person, which has taught me a lot and kept me away from bad things, Im also confident , so i got a like dual personality lol.
The people closest to me will see my crazy side lol

I pray 5 times a day, allahamdulillah, this is where all the girls hit the back button lol.
Practising islam makes you see the world in a different light. A world without materialism, and all the other isms out there. i can chat about this part later with who ever wants to know, regarding what level of religiousness i am at

In life we always want what we dont have have, and are very ungrateful for what we do have, so im trying to be a more grateful person, theres like too much hate in the world out there, which is scary
but there is so much love out there as well.You meet some amazing people, their character will blow you away.

I gota friend , whos name is chocolate, we spend a lot of time together, sometimes away from prying eyes, haha, and i do need my fix, so i hide it from my nieces, so i hide and have it, is this so wrong ,
cant a guy have a bit of pleasure lol.

I know im in the rare , but havent had any past relationships, made friends and that, so im not totally clueless.

A lot of girls have commented saying they find my profile really witty and funny,Why thank you lol rest assured theres more of that to come.

Im all for self Development , so i am a book reading, Podcasting listening, Video watching guy at the minute

Inshallah i am looking to do a Social Enterprsie and Business all towards development of Young children and Adults , so you know behind all great Men and that saying , ok ok Besides me lol

What I Am Looking For

I like people who take their Deen serioulsy . Praying 5 times a day , but anyone can do that and so the personality part is really important
People who will help others and are fiercely loyal , who want good for others

I guess someone who has been through lifes ups and downs and has the battle scars to show for it and has come through the other side stronger
I wont get along with a feisty individual. Moody or someone with a temper

Does Not having a Degree hinder me on here having been on here a while
Yes to a extent , but id like to see myself as Intelligent.

Seeing so many post 30,s on here including me , seems to be real struggle, but Inshallah Allah swt knows best

Feel free to message me , i may not come across your profile and it is 2017 lol and if you think i would be copmpatable with anyone you may know please do let me know

so thank you for your time reading my profile
May Allah swt bless you all

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I'm registering to find myself a partner

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