Ramadhan is close Moms not well plz send dua's

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IT / Telecom Professional
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United Kingdom
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I'm registering to find myself a partner

A Little Bit About Me

Assalaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu

I want to beg Forgiveness before the 🌙 of Ramadhan is sighted.

Please forgive me for all that caused pain in your Heart 💔

Please forgive me if I caused you to cry intentionally or unintentionally.

Please forgive me if i gossiped about you behind your back and you heard anything about it through someone else.

Please forgive me if I once hurt you knowingly or unknowingly.

Ramadhan is approaching and tonight another chance Allah Almighty subhana wa ta'ala has granted to us to ask for forgiveness and repent and turn towards our deen.

I want to clear my of all bad and sinful deeds I committed and my soul needs to be washed through repentance and asking for forgiveness. May Allah Subḥānahu wa ta'ala forgive me, my family and friends and the ummah of our beloved prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wassallam so that our Fasting and ibbadah will be accepted by Allah Almighty subhana wa ta'ala.

Aameen Yaa Rab Al Aalameen

I'll start by nice of you to drop in on my profile rather then me bothering you if your interested please send me a message...
I'll be sure to reply .. if for any reason I don't it's probably because I haven't checked my messages..

Please don't hesitate to leave me a message or two, i will get back to you once the renewal is sorted ... apologies ...

It would have.been nice to share Ramadan with someone special but IA next year..

Tip of the Day...
When life hands you Lemons don't let the Bitterness hold you back

No one actually reads any of this, most just look at pictures.
If you're a reader a rare find indeed so please read on...

Has anyone noticed how people that cheat can't go for a shower or use the facilities (WC) without taking their phones as well as locking their laptop and iPad etc before they go.
So isn't that reason enough not to cheat... Lol

Well what can I say , I guess I can be likened to Marmite lol
My name is Ilyas an English Indian Guji.. Lol

I'm divorced and very single, I live on my own and I crave companionship.

Nice of you to drop in on my profile hope you don't forget to leave me a message no matter how brief.

I'm a kind and loving guy who needs a little happiness.
I'm full of drive, very able and willing to give 100 percent commitment to my soulmate.

Lets face it we all need a nice person to share and complete our lives.

Oh by the way yes there is a pic of me on a bike.
I mainly use 4 wheels and not 2...
So don't let that scare you or put you off.

Who am I ?
I am born and bred in the UK, Parents were born in India they emigrated to England in the 60's.
Well I'm a warm, friendly and good-natured outgoing, talkative and sociable individual.
Bright, cultivated and adaptable, can communicate with ease and eloquence, choosing my words carefully as much for the pleasure of playing with the language as in order to make sure that my presence doesn't go unnoticed.

I have a side that is masculine, active, dynamic, independent, hardworking, ambitious, headstrong sometimes and very emotional, intuitive but easily swayed.

As a child, my development and well-being depended heavily on my emotional environment, a gentle encouragement and support will bring out the very best in my nature.

Unpleasant teachers could be the cause of an unhappy educational experience, but luckily I'm into everything and usually good at whatever I put my mind to.

I believe that I have an exemplary moral character.

What am i like?
Some people chase dreams, I make mine a reality.

A lover of conversation and good company, my friends occupy an important place in my heart.
I enjoy activities that mean I can be part of a group or team.

Emotionally, I'm gentle and affectionate, and not particularly suited to single life - my equilibrium and development benefit from the warmth and intimacy of a loving relationship.

I'm a kind and considerate.

My sensitivity and perceptivity make me a very good amateur sleuth & psychologist.

I take responsibilities seriously and hope to make an excellent supportive lover and a partner.

What do I do?
I work for a multi national blue chip company and have done so for 27+ yrs.

Dress sense... I need help....
I'm very much a jeans T-shirt and boots type of guy casual laid back.
when I'm riding i wear leathers.

If you're still reading,
The person you're reading about and looking at is NOT a player a liar or a cheat...

What I Am Looking For

Life is for Sharing happiness and joyfulness and never forgetting our creator

Looking for Miss Right but not Miss Always Right...

Especially for a hopeless romantic...

So strictly no drugs alcohol and always halal....

Im looking for life partner who is confident, kind, warm hearted, caring, respectful, spontaneous , thoughtful, loving, honest, loyal with strong religious values.

Modesty and maturity with an air of traditionalism.

A person who can balance between the western society in which we live in with an Islamic way of life.

I am looking for someone who is Sunni-Hanafi.

Registration Reason

I'm registering to find myself a partner

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This year
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25,000 - 50,000
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United Kingdom


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1.75m (5' 9")
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IT Electronics and Communication


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IT / Telecom Professional
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Comms Technician


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