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A Little Bit About Me

I am an Electrical Engineer, I finished my studies this year and currently working as an Electrical Engineer in Saudi Arabia
I am a hard working guy, very polite, very punctual, well mannered and have good family values
My whole life until now was education its the only thing i concentrated on
i am not pretentious at all but i m supposed to talk about myself right and i'd like to b honest
I got a job offer from a one of the best companies of saudi arabia before even i got my degree, i had an offer from dubai as well but i chose Saudi Arabia for obvious reasons
I got promoted in just two months to project manager usually office closed at 4pm and i was working till 10pm to complete a project design the owner accidently came and saw me and next day was just memorable hard work does pay off i have no idea how i keep getting all those opportunities but i do work hard though, hard work does have its limitations as my eye sight is getting weaker due to continous computer and paper work but i think i would look cool in glasses i have been very lucky in my life maybe because a lot of people pray for me ( atleast thats what i think)
Performed umrah as the first thing here they say that Allah forgives all ur sins on first Umrah like a new born baby and i have say i really did felt pure seeing Kaaba with my own eyes i dont think words can describe that, u can only understand that on experiancing it
I am a little shy but i make up for it by honesty i have a very understanding and supporting family
the belief of them always being on my side never lets me fail, or stop trying or be dishearted
I practice islam to my best, being close to islam has given me peace, a sense of mental satisfaction which i have never experianced in anything else
I have huge goals in my life, a lot of ambitions sometimes it feels like impossible but if you can dream it you can achieve it
I love kids whenever i m in pakistan i see a kid on road homeless i go to him i take lunch with him listen to him and in the end always want to adopt him
I met this kid once he wasnt wearing shoes i gave him money but he didnt take he said u want to help me buy these coconuts then after i talked to him i realized he used to sell stuff during day and study at night he said he wanted to become a doctor and i just cant forget his face when he said that realizing he will never become one, we spent quite a lot of time together and when i left he was crying it broke my heart i really wanted to adopt him,its probably biggest regret of my life i tried many times to find him but i never did i really hope he didnt give up i hope i will meet him again one day InshAllah, i m a bit of emotional guy i guess when i see kids like that i get very upset some times for days i wish that i could help them all of them but it makes me sad that i cant but i do my best to give them few moments to remember and that just makes my day seeing smile and hope on their face is something i can do anything for
I get along with kids really well
When ever i meet a kid we become best of friends
I love to talk to kids about stupidest and illogical things it sounds silly but it feels really really good i love innocency of children
Usually i am shy it takes time for me to open up but with kids i can talk straight for hours i always think it would b great to spend time with my own kid i want to drop him to the school in the morning and then get there before time to pick him up and wait outside his school for him teaching him maths and sciences and helping him to become an engineer teaching him to help others
Everyone lives for themselves but i think only life worth living is to live for others teaching him all this making sure he succeeds in every single aspect of life i think that will b the best feeling of i will ever have and i cant wait to have that
A big fan of super hero movies, i love spiderman,Marvel DC used to watch a lot of netflix, highly doubt if there is any disney movie i have not seen, love to watch love stories also a fan of science fiction, how i met your mother is one of my favourites i can literally watch it all day but ever since i came here its been hard to manage time
I go to gym regularly since this life style doesnt allow me to eat healthy even though i m sick of mcdonalds and fast foods thats all i eat so i decided to go to gym to keep in shape mostly because my trainer told i could get physique like john cena (huge fan) he struck at my weakness and i hired him for four months in advance next day my cousins made me realize the trainer might have exagerated a little bit but gym grows on once u start seeing the results
i am not a uk national my sister wanted to search people closer to her thats why she put uk if a uk national is what u are looking for i suggest u keep looking
I am currently working on a project in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
I hope i will finish it before november 2017 and then i will be visiting my family in UK
I hope by then i will have had sorted out someone in particular to meet
My sister lives in Manchester she will be the one responding
She is very close to me when ever i have a decision to make i always take advice from her
and a message from my heart to my beautiful future wife if she is reading this
'where the hell are you??'

What I Am Looking For

I am looking for some one who is like me
Who wants start a family
Some one who sees positive aspects of life
I have a good sense of humour since i have been told that quite often so i need some one who can laugh with me
who is funny and serious in all the right ways
Kind of like negan who is funny in all right ways but also knows when to be serious (huge twd fan)
who can watch movies and tv shows with me
who can go on hiking, walks, travel with me some one i can listen to all day and still not get enough of it
some one who makes me smile, a reason to get home something to look forward during whole day of work i can go on but u get the idea
Who prays 5 times a day or is atleast willing to do it after marriage
I want some one who supports my decisions, stands by me, is honest with me , is polite and caring
and in return i will support her, be honest with her, stand by her in every possible way for the rest of my life

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I'm registering to find myself a partner

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