The gentle shepherd.

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I'm registering to find myself a partner

A Little Bit About Me

I greet you all with the warmest of Peace and Blessings.

Unfortunately I am a divorcee who was previously married for twenty one years. I have three independent grown up children. I am a family man who has been told by the people around me that I do make a good husband and father; and that I should look to get married. So here I am.

I believe that women are a valuable trust and that I should meet your family for their approval once you think there might be some potential in me as your future husband. I would not like to be invested emotionally if your family were to decline my offer of marriage to you. It is important to me to keep a good relationship with them as I would expect you to keep with my family. I would not expect you to do anything that I would not do.

I see life’s treasures in family, health and a balance between living in this world with a strong link to the after life. I try to remind myself that this life is just the journey and not the destination. I also believe that we should have a little fun on our journey!

I try to have a positive impact upon the people around me. I always try to represent Islam is a good light with my character. After all to non-Muslims we are all the same and our actions go back to the last and final Messenger (PBUH).

My family and I try to follow the practice of the Beloved Last Prophet and The Companions (peace and blessings be upon them all) by not celebrating khathums or milaads. This is a recent innovation where people think they know better than our pious predecessors.

I try to remind myself that ALLAH is constant; so I should trust in HIM. People change and so will sometimes let us down. This is a great source of stability for me in my outlook on this life.

Because of my strong belief in the justice of ALLAH I am content with all the blessings and trails of my life. I am a very optimistic person who dislikes drama in my life. I have a very soft and empathetic nature. I never want to be the cause of anyone’s unhappiness. I really do not like confrontation and arguments, so a like minded person would be my ideal match.

I would describe myself as one of the last gentlemen in this day and age. I have tried to learn lessons from others of how not to treat women; but how to give time, care, love, support and devotion to them whether they are our Mothers, daughters or our wife ( one and only- couldn’t cope with more than one ;) )

I have an aura of confidence which masks my shy personality. I am a very happy and content individual that tries to recognise and appreciate anything that others do for me as I look at the blessings that I have been granted. I am happy to meet new people and can hold a conversation without my shyness being apparent.

It has taken me weeks of note making (whenever I got bits of inspiration as I do not generally like to blow my own trumpet, and building up confidence) to write this introduction about me. I wish to be as honest as I can.

I am very loving and considerate to those around me.

Raising a daughter in this day and age definitely developes patience and understanding in a man.

My family normally get me in to build their flat packed furniture. For confusion to completion. I normally surprise myself when the job is done! I suppose life is a little like this. Follow the rules of Islam and before you know it your are in happiness and success.

I have always worked in retail and believe that I am able to build a good rapport with most people I come across.

I am much younger than my age. Still a kid at heart.

I definitely would not describe myself as perfect. I need to improve my Quran and Namaaz reading (so that they are performed on time) In Sha ALLAH.

I would say that I am quite a private person who has a few good people around me. I am looking for a life partner with whom we can both support each other and grow and develop to be good Muslims in this day and age.

I must warn you that I am prone to a tear or two if I watch a rom com!

I love having my siblings and all our kids around at our Mum’s. So I try to make sure this happens on Jummah with a pizza party and a movie for the family. It is the highlight of the week where we all get to see each other and unwind.

To keep myself healthy I love to go for long walks and for a good cycle on the weekend. I try to cover around thirty miles over the weekend on my bicycle. I hope that you might wish to join me for a walk and a chat.

Sisters I am a genuine gentleman who is looking for comfort in his wife and I do not wish to waste anyone’s time in idle chit chat. There is plenty of time for that after marriage!

What I Am Looking For

Looking for (which I would also expect to offer back):
God consciousness (behaviour & outlook is guided by this)
Does not gossip and back bite (we should remind each other if we do)
Healthy mind, body and soul
Well rounded- calm temperament
Supportive- my own little cheerleader ;)
Happy and optimistic
Always take the middle path (no extremes)
Not stubborn - willing to talk and listen

Registration Reason

I'm registering to find myself a partner

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United Kingdom
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